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Colin John Press

"This is what Jimi Hendrix might have sounded like had he abandoned the rat race, moved to Hawaii, taken up surfing and let the sun and waves bestow their laid-back highs."-Michael Molenda, Guitar Player Magazine

"Dragonfly, the second disc from Long Tall Deb and Colin John is a superb album to sink ones teeth into.  This eleven track album explores a variety of worldly genres while anchored in American roots, blues and soul.  Deb Landolt aka Long Tall Deb fills each song with her enchanting vocals, building a connection to the listener every time, while Colin John wondrously plays guitar."- Phillip Smith, PhillyCheezeBlues Blog

"Credit Long Tall Deb and Colin John for forging their own unique sound. It’s refreshing and captivating."-Jim Hynes, Elmore Magazine


"Long Tall Deb and Colin John make mystical music together. They establish their own unique  identity. This album has to be heard." -Richard Ludmerer, Making A Scene


"There is something for everyone, delivered by an outstanding singer and superb guitar player." ~ Steve Jones, Blues Blast Magazine


"...such was the jaw-dropping skill displayed by the fretboard worrier from evening of quality blues, filthy funk and soul featuring the sort of plank-spanning heroics that Hendrix would have made if he joined a surf band."-Nick Hornton, Dorset Echo,UK


"International touring and recording musician Colin John seems like the embodiment of the love child of  Charlie Patton, Jimi Hendrix, John Lee Hooker, Muddy Waters, Jimmy Page,  and Stevie Ray Vaughan.But then, throw that love child into island life and raise him with the rich tradition of Hawaiian lap steel guitar, and you just might wind up with someone like Colin John.He has tapped into his magical, mystical muse and channels that unearthly energy into his music."-CD Baby


"Long Tall Deb raises attitude to a new latitude. Her songs cook with more smoke and sauce than all of Memphis, and her soul will break your back. Colin John’s guitar flogs you with a cotton branch ’til you bleed honey. Together they ride a no-brakes rhythm section locomotive to a time when the rooms were red, the music was black and the untold tales waited patiently for the coming of the voice worthy of the telling. Get ready. Here they come."-Terry Abrahamson, "In The Belly Of The Blues"